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Groval Selectia enables a good mixture of logical and intuitive parameters to select the right person for a business initiative. This right person could be within the organisation or outside the organisation. We provide a neutral yet assertive voice to your thoughts and considerations.

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We are your Growth Partners

For Selecting Right Business Leaders, Cross-Functional and Sales Team Members.

It is important to get the people who are relevant to the context of your business. Groval Euler’s Selectia brings “Willing” and “Right” people to positively impact a business. The wrong selection of a candidate is a source of immense suffering for the organisation and its people.

Most of the hiring decisions get often clouded by complicated processes that bypass our innate intelligence, objectivity and common sense. While psychometry and other tools are necessary, we first need to assess our business situations and the aspired outcomes from the people. The question is, are we able to attract and nurture the “Willingness” of people?

Why us?

Do you want to “Neutrally” assess the capabilities of your business teams?

Do you want to prepare for some crucial decisions for the better future of your people and Organisation?

Do you want to do such assessments with complete authenticity, Courage and pragmatism?


Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Sales Leadership Coaching

Sales Leadership Coaching

Effective Performance Appraisals

Effective Performance Appraisals

Creating a Vibrant Workplace

Creating a
Vibrant Workplace

Building and Nurturing Business Partnerships

Building and Nurturing
Business Partnerships



Our Approach

Research – Selection – Coaching – Direction

We help in selection and also coaching the candidate .This gives the candidate a right orientation into the job. We work on end to end project mode with mutually agreed goals and expected outcomes. The engagement is highly consultative in nature and demands high level of integrity and involvement from the organisations with which we have a meaningful association. We are choosy about our projects as they impact lives of people.

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