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What do we do?

Groval Selectia helps build higher ownership, collaboration and accountability in cross-functional leadership teams.

We help to make things happen by nudging the leadership teams to perform with higher levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

Groval Selectia is a specialist in organizational development and leadership advisory. We work with MSME, SME, Tech Start-Ups and Enterprise companies to devise agile organization structures and define roles for building business success. We support companies in hiring the right people and coach them to create desired business results.
We audit leadership readiness and build impact by restructuring roles and responsibilities. We enable rewards, motivational initiatives and career development programmes for professionals to navigate, sustain and advance their careers. All this by focussed targeting, monitoring, reviewing and reflecting.

We are your Growth Partners

For Empowering the Right Business Leaders, Cross-Functional and Sales Team Members

It is important to get the people who are relevant to the context of your business. Groval Euler’s Selectia brings “Willing” and “Right” people to positively impact a business. The wrong selection of a candidate is a source of immense suffering for the organisation and its people.

Most of the hiring decisions get often clouded by complicated processes that bypass our innate intelligence, objectivity and common sense. While psychometry and other tools are necessary, we first need to assess our business situations and the aspired outcomes from the people. The question is, are we able to attract and nurture the “Willingness” of people?

Our Approach

Research – Selection – Coaching – Impact assessment

We help in selection and also coaching the candidate. This gives the candidate a right orientation into the job. We work on end to end project mode with mutually agreed goals and expected outcomes. The engagement is highly consultative in nature and demands high level of integrity and involvement from the organisations with which we have a meaningful association. We are choosy about our projects as they impact lives of people.

Organisational Development

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Sales Leadership Coaching

Sales Leadership Coaching

Effective Performance Appraisals

Effective Performance Appraisals

Creating a Vibrant Workplace

Creating a
Vibrant Workplace

Building and Nurturing Business Partnerships

Building and Nurturing
Business Partnerships


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Enabling Sales and Leadership Capability with Business Growth – Experience snapshot​​

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Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, USA, Hong Kong, Denmark, Sweden, Kenya, South Africa, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, France, Germany


New Delhi, Gurugram, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Nagpur, Indore, Kochi, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Chennai,Madurai, Ahmedabad

Executive Coaching ​

How do we build significant changes for better performance of the business?

An organisation’s future depends on senior executives abilities to ideate and implements crucial strategies. Invest your attention to the coach and align your senior management team.

Frequently Asked Questions

A business coach can enable ideas, actions and capabilities required to achieve the business goals of the individual and the organization. A business Coach is usually hired to operate outside the “system” of the organisation; That’s the reason they can be a neutral and assertive voice to enable people and the organisation. A business coach exposed to diverse segments can enable multiple perspectives.
A business coach can reduce the leadership bandwidth required for mentoring people on fundamental aspects of behaviour, habits, effort management and shaping individual growth plans. For example, a business coach can enable the importance of process orientation and functional efficacy with greater ease and agility. A business coach with rich experience can build credibility with the team swiftly and quickly. A business coach can help the organization cut down time on wasteful efforts, helping senior management focus on core issues and opportunities.
  • People go for a business coach when the leaders aspire for a sounding board outside their organization. 
  • When leaders aspire a sounding board for greater success 
  • When the organization needs higher levels of clarity in its business conduct. 
  • When organizations have aspirations for exponential growth but are yet to build processes for the same. (To figure out the how of growth) 
  • Enables people to go beyond numbers to go beyond the vision 
  • When the team members better synergies to work with each other 
  • To get an assertive tone to their business objectives

A company should help the business coach to support them. A business coach brings higher levels of gravitas to the purpose. The senior leaders in the organizations need to remember that they need to invest their time with the coach during the engagement. Business coaching is effective with the involvement of top, middle and senior level management to make things happen.

While the coach is intensely involved with the KPIs of the engagement, managers inside the organization also need to own it fully. Collaboration between the business coach and various layers of the management is possible with clarity on mutual expectations and accurate design of KPIs.

One can arrive at various ways of calculating the ROI such as measurement of efforts, through specific business projects that are created with the help of the business coach, measuring revenue results, measuring the productivity of people on an everyday basis, and measuring the retention of good talent. Calculator of the ROI depends on the type of engagement and its goals.
Business coaching is an industry-agnostic practice. All business segments like finance, Fintech, SaaS-based companies, IT, ITES, Wellness, Hospitality, Heavy Engineering, Capital Equipments, Industrial Consumables, FMCG, Consulting, Healthcare, Pharma companies, and manufacturing industries harness business coaching for growth. . Any progressive organization that wants its human capital to perform better on a daily basis seeks the support of business coaching.

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