Enablement is the key for organisational growth - By Dinkar Rao - November 09, 2021

Business Coach should be authentic, sharp in assessing people, should be having good acumen to understand businesses, having a judicious mix of firmness…

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Is Renaissance in Sales happening? - By Dinkar Rao - December 28, 2021

We would like to change the way we work, but we don’t have time and resources to develop our people” Typically, some of the busy business leaders would make…

How do we build future-ready organizations? - By Dinkar Rao - February 03, 2022

Leaders keep talking about the VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity). However, the recipe for future readiness for a business…

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Overcoming self-limiting mindset while building workforce productivity - By Dinkar Rao - February 15, 2022

Organisation’s juggle with contradictory expectations. Leaders are supposed to be the messengers who can address the issues that need attention…

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