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Personality Development Workshops for Business Growth

Personality Development Training and Coaching for Professional Readiness

Build Future Readiness

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Personality Development Workshops for Business Growth

Personality Development Training and Coaching for Professional Readiness

Build Future Readiness

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Generally, corporates loosely call them soft skills, but we call them life skills.

Professional etiquette is critical for individual development and organisational growth in a fast-paced corporate world. Time, Involvement and energy are needed to develop the basics of Professionalism across the layers of the organisation. If we don’t develop life skills in the formative years of a professional career, these don’t get corrected and become a roadblock to career growth. People often don’t emerge as future leaders because they lack certain basic professional etiquette.

Professional Readiness and Personality Development for Corporate Success

(Training, Coaching and Enablement)

24 Sessions | 90 Minutes Per Session | Online and Offline Mode

Interpersonal Communication

(Conversation Skills, E-mail Writing skills, Assertive Communication - You become what you think, write and Say)

Time and Task Management

(Managing Priorities, Building Speed of execution, Power of doing things on Time)

Meeting Deadlines with Ease

(Procrastination is the biggest enemy of Professional growth)

Conflict Management

(Ways to manage disagreements and differences of opinion)

Building Professional rapport and relationships

Meeting and exceeding the expectations of the seniors and top management

Building a roadmap for career growth

Physical Well-being, Healthy Habits and Emotional Maturity

Presentation skills for small and large audiences

Respecting Colleagues and Stakeholders

Building Trust within and outside the organisation

Cultural nuances to work in local and global companies

(MSME, SME and Large Corporations)

Developing deep listening and empathy

Importance of grooming

Building Gratitude, Dedication and compassion


Personal enablement requires time – These modules can be done online and offline. Such courses can be for a few weeks to Six months, depending on the interest and depth of Development required. We can tailor this to suit the requirements of the learner. 

About the Coach

Dinkar is working with many organizations on various high impact consulting and coaching projects related to people strategy. He has a rich experience as an International Partner and Business Coach. He is also engaged in developing the leadership capabilities of Senior Management. He has coached young high potential talent from various MNCs and Indian Companies.
He has helped to develop the skills and behavior of over 11000+ resources from various business functions. He is a sought after Sales and business coach for many organizations. He is also involved in the leadership capability assessment and development of high profile MNCs and Indian companies.

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He was part of Mercuri International (Sweden Based MNC as a Senior Consultant), Mercuri Urval (Denmark Based MNC as a Senior Consultant) and Better Future (Nederlands based MNC as their Managing Director for Asia)

M.Tech (Mineral Engineering , Indian School of Mines- IIT Dhanbad), PGDBM, Leadership Capability Assessor, LIFO Coach, Belbin Coach, Celemi (Business Simulation) Certified Coach, ICF Certified Life Coach, Doctorate in Management studies | Member of Mindfulness Association (UK)

Also the founder of Kabir Learning Foundation (www.kabirlearning.in), Groval Selectia (www.grovalselectia.com) and Groval Eulers (www.grovaleulers.com)

Dinkar uses a lot of examples from various business coaching experiences to inspire creativity. He has been anchoring various themes for senior leadership journeys . He is involved in engagements for International audiences and top notch leaders. His close connection with European, American and Asian companies, has given him a strong understanding of the dynamics of handling cross cultural leadership teams.

Dinkar has strong experience in conceptualizing and delivering consulting projects and workshops on personal transformation, leadership excellence, Customer centric culture creation, Service excellence, Business Planning and Sales excellence across segments such as Information Technology, Hospitality, Healthcare, Engineering, Automotive, Retail, FMCG, Wellness and so on.

He has also worked with service teams of various organisations towards enabling better service deliverables. His core competence is finding solutions for sales capability development, business enablement while conducting intense workshops and workouts towards transformational leadership.

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Dinkar’s Journey - Global Consulting experiences with Some Awesome Organisations

Success Stories

References can be provided on request


Professional readiness is all about Care, Trust and Credibility. Simple habits create profound impact on others.

Professional Readiness is not a luxury but it is a necessity. Progressive companies invest on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Building timeless fundamentals can save a lot of leadership bandwidth in developing people. 
  • Supports  Career growth
  • Builds better chances to get recognition
  • Helps in getting acceptance from cross-cultural stakeholders 

Top leaders have simple expectations. They want basic professional etiquette in their team. In most interviews, people look for such traits to build scalable organisations. People with professional readiness are often preferred for strategic projects and promotions inside the organisation.

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