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The agenda is to develop industry agnostic leadership talent

We have business and performance consulting experience in Information Technology , Hospitality , FMCG, industrial and Heavy Engineering, Computer Hardware Industry, Agricultural equipments, Agro Inputs, Pharmaceutical , Automotive and Automobile, Healthcare, Wellness and many more.

How far the type of industry can affect Willingness of the Business leaders and their teams ?

Type of industry is never a problem, the problem always is the kind of people we recruit vs kind of people we need. In true essence, creation of a willing sales force is agnostic to the type of industry. Getting willing people and building willingness is similar to building a magnificent monument with a dedicated team. It needs vision, imagination and at the same time an eye for details. Needs high level of perception, intuition, execution and cognition. Willing people can do everything to become the right people for any situation. Willingness to exert and apply ourselves matters the most. Primarily, selection of right people who are willing to work for us needs strength and clarity of intentions.

Problem statements are similar in all industries and so are the challenges.Can Willingness be measured? Yes.Can we improve it ? Not always.Can we identify who is authentically willing to work for our purpose? Certainly.

We have an experience of building teams right from small startups to highly matured organisations. Selection is a a crucial process , mainly due to the implications of a wrong selection. So it is better be right at the beginning rather than doing corrections later . Many a times the negative impact of a wrong selection is realised quite late in a business situation. Hence we need to build systems to encourage Willing people to join our mission.

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