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The objective is to make performance appraisals reach their desired goals, with higher levels of acceptance and effectiveness. Sensitising the business impact of the appraisal process is crucial for “Buying in” of the entire performance management system.

Key focus areas

Prospective participants

HR Business Leaders | Product Heads | General Managers | Team Leaders.

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  • Cognitive biases around people and their performance 
  • Haste and superficiality in the conduct of appraisals 
  • People’s decision of promotion prior to the appraisal 
  • Political dynamics in the organization
  • Doing regular assessments throughout the year 
  • Encouraging people to assess themselves before they are assessed 
  • Encouraging the system of fairness and transparency from the top-level 
  • Designing the KPIs in an effective manner

Due to the absence of robust performance appraisal, businesses have suffered immensely on both tangible and intangible aspects.