Selecting Right Sales Leader Matters the Most

Build your leadership pipeline; your people are real assets.

Do you want to hire the right sales leaders to secure your business goals?

Do you want to build the right sales culture in the organisation?

Do you want to build
future-ready sales teams?

Building a suitable and relevant business culture across the organisation.

Creating future readiness to meet the strategic objectives of your organisation.

Enabling the right leaders in your team will bring your strategy to life.

Right leaders will create results and make change work to your advantage.

Securing tomorrow’s talent comes through understanding the changing relationship between people and an organization’s performance.

Ensuring tomorrow’s results is all about aligning people with new strategies

Steps in Hiring ​

Research – Selection – Coaching – Impact assessment

The essence of the research stage would be a thorough audit report that will help you to start the hiring process. We need to be realistic in our expectations of a hiring project to make it a success.

The objective of the Impact assessment would be to measure the benefits and ROI of hiring the right sales leader.

Our Sales experts would support you in hiring the right and willing sales leaders for your organisation.

Building a Better Future for the People leaders and their team.

Assessment Centre - Four Key Processes

Understanding the business Strategy

Building Capability Model for Each leadership level

Mapping Expectations from the role

Executing an Assessment and Selection Centre

Selecting the right Business leaders

Eligibility vs Suitability

Have you reflected on why a promising talent fails to deliver results in your organisation?

Have we done a root cause analysis for not being able to retain good talent?

Have we assessed the fitment of the people to the role? (Suitability)

Did we get swayed by the experience of the person rather than the relevance to the business situation?

Do the leaders invest their "emotions" to build the organisation?

Many frameworks like Belbin team roles can be a source of inspiration for selecting suitable candidates for crucial positions in the future.

- Inspired by Belbin

Assessment Centre - Strategic Thought Process

How do we hire the right sales leader? ​

It requires wisdom and seasoning to head the sales team; The sales head can be a crucial builder for the Organisation’s success. Here‘s what I feel the 3 most important aspects of being a Sales Head.
  • Managing performance

  • Building people

  • Enrichment the vision of the company

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