How do we deal with different types of performers?

You have the power to influence the quality of your leadership. The right leaders will create the right result.

Leading by example is crucial. Are we being perceived as credible ,strong and supportive managers? It is important for the team members to view their manager as capable and decisive leader. While being collaborative it is also important to take tough decisions in the interest of the team.

Key focus areas

Prospective Participants

Functional Heads, Area Managers, Regional Heads, Entrepreneurs from SMEs.

What kind of sales team do we need for the current times?

How do we build significant changes for better performance of the business? An organisation’s future depends on senior executives’ abilities to ideate and implements crucial strategies. Invest your attention to the coach and align your senior management team.


  • It helps to build a good succession plan 
  • Helps to retain the right quality of talent 
  • Helps folks to identify and enable career growth opportunities for the team members 
  • Builds a positive climate to work with each other 
  • Builds business success in terms of achieving goals and opportunities 
  • By challenging the preconceived notions of managers through the coaching process 
  • By coaching the managers to identify their own potential & work towards higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness 
  • By highlighting their blind spots 
  • With constructive criticism during the reviews and individual meetings 
  • Motivating the managers to perform their role in a better way as it impacts the success of the organization immensely 

Untrained managers have their own style of managing people that might not always be ideal. Managers that are not coached may find it difficult to deal with people who have high expectations from them. Managers may struggle to meet the objectives of different layers of the organization. At times, untrained managers might opt out and prefer the role of an individual contributor. Also, untrained managers can be inconsistent in delivering business results. Lack of training can also create a cultural disconnect in the organization. 

  • It helps to ideate and implement innovative practices 
  • Helps to execute business initiatives seamlessly 
  • Helps to build a pipeline of leaders who are available to develop the organization to the next level 
  • Helps people down the line to feel the hygiene factors and motivators in place for them to continue working in harmony 
  • Builds a better brand image of the company in the market 
  • Gives a better customer experience

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