Creating growth mindset across the organization.

Creating a vibrant workplace can be a cultivated and concious decision. This Program will draw inspiration from the scientific developments in psychology, modern management, and quantum physics so as to enable participants to open up to the possibility that we can consciously and sub-consciously create a vibrant workplace. Key lies in knowing ourselves well before we set expectations from others.

Key focus areas

CUVA (Connect-Understand- Value- Appreciate)

CUVA approach helps to build healthier collaborations – Leadership roles are becoming increasingly demanding as more work is conducted remotely, traditional company boundaries become more porous, people tend to work in isolation, and hence partnerships within the organizations are becoming more necessary than ever. Building a team remains as challenging as ever. Energetic, ambitious, and capable people are always a plus, but they often represent different functions, products, lines of business, and geographies and compete for influence, resources, and promotion. How do we build Collaboration and Manage Conflicting situations?


The wavelength of happiness creates high quality outcomes is better. When we feel comfortable with each other work with, challenge each other in a positive way, and constructively build each other’s progress, we can say we have a vibrant workplace. The meaning of a vibrant workplace is not just about fun but also about meaningful collaboration and constructively helping each other’s objectives.
Respecting each other’s needs from time to time, understanding the challenges and pitching in to support each other, respect for time, fewer meetings and more work, collaboration after focusing on individual excellence succeeded by teamwork, clarity of thoughts and seamless implementation of the plans and strategies. A place where employees don’t feel tired and see themselves progressing in the right direction and a good balance of harmony and positive conflict. If you notice these signs, it is a vibrant workplace.
Constantly introspecting and reflecting on what can be done better, cutting down wasteful effort, focusing on the core objectives and bringing everyone on the same page to build a common connection with the purpose, reinforcing the importance of working together, celebrating and having fun from time to time, rewarding and recognizing people without delays, ensuring that the feedback is given and received in the right manner.
A vibrant workplace delivers better numbers and enables delivering of business goals, helps cooperation between colleagues, and reduces unnecessary stress. One needs to look into seeing if the workplace is getting hyper-competitive, leading an employee to stay longer in the organization. Many a time, appreciation, recognition and timely rewards solve most of the potential issues in an organization. A vibrant workplace can also identify potential bottlenecks in the conduct of business with ease.

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