Executive and Business Coaching Workshops (India)

Equip your executives to build deeply synchronized teams to deliver your business goals

Build Future Readiness

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Executive and Business Coaching Workshops (India)

Equip your executives to build deeply synchronized teams to deliver your business goals

Build Future Readiness

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Align your Business Priorities through Executive Coaching

The only certainty in life is change. New times require new strategies for businesses to stay in the game. You can do your best to adapt.

Leaders are the enablers for reaching the business goals in short term and long term. It is all about how do we bring our strategies to life by focusing on certain areas of high importance. Essence is to know where is time being invested. Are we doing enough to secure our business goals?

Key focus areas

Groval Selectia Executive Coaching

24 Sessions | 90 Minutes Per Session | Online and Offline Mode

Typical components of the Executive Coaching

Programmes of Groval Selectia

Business Goals vis a vis People Capability

Our dreams to build our organisations to the next level depend on
the size of our dreams and the kind of people working with us
closely. One of the common expectations from executive coaching is
to enable the leader to build stronger connections with all the
stakeholders inside and outside an organisation. It’s all about people.
Hence, the impact of an executive coaching engagement can also be
measured by analysing the changes one could bring to the lives of
the people who depend on the programme participants. In many of
the executive coaching programmes of Groval Selectia, we observed
that people-centric leaders with a sharp focus on business KPIs
derive maximum advantages by seeking input from the best business and executive coach in India. An executive coach from Groval Selectia makes the leaders accountable for achieving business goals.

People strategy for achieving goals

Right and willing people can flourish only with proper strategies and
execution of ideas. An executive needs to constantly improve their
abilities to manage time, prioritise tasks that matter the most, and
learn how to delegate to build people in the team. If there are issues
in executing plans for achieving the timebound dreams, it must do
most of the time with people strategy. Fresh perspectives of
unlocking the potential of self and team can lead to achieving results
with greater ease. In many of the Executive Coaching Programmes of Groval Selectia(Executive Coaching Companies), we observed that leaders willing to redesign the people strategy and modify the working relationships are more successful in the long term than inflexible leaders. A Leadership Coach makes leaders accountable for bringing their best through their team members.

Analyzing your leadership style

All the major outcomes depend on the leader’s ability to inspire
people to do their best. Leaders need to demonstrate business
resilience and people resilience. Sometimes, just because of the
leadership style, good things get done. Business and Executive coaching services of Groval Selectia help people gain insight into their leadership style and capabilities by collaborating with our executive coach. In one of our projects, we found that less self-oriented and more mission-oriented leaders could inspire people down the line. Generation Z gets inspired by leaders who are authentic and less verbose. Walking the talk matters in executive coaching and organisational development  programmes.

Working on capability balance sheet

The capability balance sheet is nothing but an assessment of the
strengths and weaknesses of ourselves and our team. A leader needs
to validate in an unbiased manner constantly. As per Ralph Kilmann,
In many of the Business Coaching Programmes of Groval Selectia,
about 80 % of what takes place in an organisation is determined by
its systems and processes, while only 20 % is determined by the
individual. The works of noted experts like Ralph Kilmann have also
validated such observations. Hence, it is important for the leaders to
validate their processes and systems with a Coach constantly. An executive and leadership coach from Groval Selectia focuses on building objectivity around the perceptions.

Developing a structured plan for the achievement of business goals

Working on the ingredients to plan is the crux of executive coaching.
A leader, with the support of a coach, can create a realistic and
impeccable plan to execute the strategies and measurably build
progress. Many times in our projects, we have found that leaders
who devote their energies to creating, implementing and monitoring
a structured growth roadmap are far more successful than those
with less belief in a structured plan. Groval Selectia executive coach in India helps willing leaders deploy structured plans to achieve
business goals.

Participant profile of Executive Coaching programmes of Groval Selectia

CEOs of IT Startups and SaaS companies

CSOs of IT, SaaS and BPMs

Heads of various functions from Engineering Companies

Heads of Sales from FMCG companies

Poeple looking for change into leadership roles

Owners of MSME companies

Mid-level and Senior Managers looking for promotions in their career

CFOs aiming for business readiness and inputs on advisory roles

Executive Coaching

How do we build significant changes for better performance of the business? An organisation’s future depends on Senior executive’s abilities to ideate and implement crucial strategies. Invest your attention to the coach and align your senior management team.

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Without developing the top-level management, all efforts to develop people down the line can be a waste of time and resources, making it important to understand the perspective of the executive level, challenge perspective, build synergy and come out with thoughts and action. The whole purpose of executive coaching is to enable clarity of thoughts to build momentum around the action. The success of executive coaching lies in the points that are mutually agreed upon by the coach and the coachee. Implementation of the action points builds the morale of the team and enables a higher probability of achieving business results

Executive coaching works well when the intent of the executive is to build transformation. This transformation is not cosmetic but is a deep-down change in the way we work with people and businesses. Deep-down changes require greater levels of introspection and reflection and one can achieve such quality of thinking during coaching sessions.

A coach being a neutral entity to the organization can come out with authentic and straightforward questions to make the executives think.

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