July 2, 2022

Love vs Grudge – What does your work life look like?

Have you ever followed the way a musician is completely into her music, notes and rhythm and nothing in the world could distract her performance? One may call it love for music, the other spirituality, some may call it devotion and some, dedication. 

To get to the crux of it, the reason why we often see musicians, actors, entrepreneurs, painters or creators of any sort in high involvement and indulgence in their work is because what they do aligns with what they absolutely love. 

This goes much beyond “Do what you love and love what you do”. In the book Power vs. Force, by David Hawkins, the author talks about finding our energy frequency.  

To give it some context, as long as we operate from power and not force, we are functioning at a higher consciousness of love, reasoning and emotions. 

This true power comes from within, when in the state of the right spiritual practices and personal development. 

Let us look at this from another familiar perspspertive. The one shared in the book Ikigai, a book often referenced to for understanding one’s true path

In simple words, it boils down to finsding a career path that we absolutely love and can generate revenue because of the value it adds to others. This is when we experience our best self. When we experience our best self is when we operate at a high level of energy. This also is a state of power and not force. 

Living the life we love 

To live the live we absolutely love, we need to create it first. This starts by finding our Ikigai. This helps us create an impact for ourselves and others. 

As long as we are happy doing what we are doing, there is high impact and we are vibrating at a high frequency. Imagine the simple act of cooking. When one absolutely loves to cook, not only do they enjoy the process but the flavous and taste also reflect the passion and love. 

This is true to not just cooking but any act in personal and professional live. 

What happens if we don’t do what we love? 

Tracing back to the book Power vs Force, we operate at a state of force and not power when we are doing what we don’t love or relate to. This often fills us with shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger and pride. All the emotions that sink us down. 

To experience peace, joy and acceptance, we need to be aligned with our truest self and this happens only when our work is aligned with what we love. 

Identifying the red flags 

How do we realise where we stand in this pyramid? 

When our workplace is often filled with resentment or grudge, leading to conflicts and chaos, this could mean that we are doing what we love or doing it with the people we can’t connect with. 

When purpose, passion and people don’t align it is difficult to find our trest self that can vibrate at such a high level that we get closer the life’s most joyful and peaceful moments, that turns into days and a way of life. 

Make agreements that inspire you to do what you love. Restructure your life to find what fits you best and redesign your personal and professional life accordingly. 

We also help companies build high-performing teams that are in sync with the company’s culture and goals. 

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