July 2, 2022

Enabling healthy retention

How do we enable “Healthy” Retention?

Employees are the company’s soul, and no one opts for a broken soul. As blunt as it may sound, the harsh reality is that employees that don’t help the growth are slowing the company down to stagnation. And if employees are enabling growth mindset, they are the best suited for strategic initiatives that demand performance.

What is unhealthy retention?

Unhealthy retention refers to retaining an employee or employees even when they have proven to be in misalignment with the company’s core values and goals.

An employee might have turned out to be great at the beginning and for a year or so. Later, if they get complacent and start acting out, you either have an option to tune them in or turn them out.

How to identify unhealthy retention?

A few times, unhealthy retention can glare right in the face of the management and at times it may go fully unnoticed. The best way to identify unhealthy retention is by looking at the attitude and behavior of the employees and here is what it may look like –

The mindset

The people who tend to have a rigid mindset can block the progress of the company. They tend to resist new ideas and innovation. They also refuse to look at things with an open mind or avoid looking at the brighter side of a change. These are the ones that often stand up in the meeting to why we should stick to what we’ve been doing and refuse to challenge the status quo.

The attitude

Complacency can set in when someone has been in the company for a long time. Rather than sharing a warming and welcoming rapport with the freshers and subordinates, they tend to act like a ‘know-it-all’.

May not keep up with the growing goals

The goals and targets of a company keep growing every year and these lot of employees may resist the new milestones set by the management. They would always compare the current goals with the goals that they once aced, without considering the component of time.

Superficial connect

Every company aims to have their employees’ bond well and stay on the same page for something trivial or big. When employees stop connecting with the rest of the employees or worse, act superficial and fake it, it brings down the culture of the company.

The P-Drama

It may sound unrealistic and dramatic, but workplace politics is severe when you have retained employees that were not meant to be. A lot of time is lost in conflict resolution than trying to focus on bigger goals and innovations.

The Crux

The nay-sayers in the organization could often be a result of unhealthy retention. They stay too much in their comfort zone and don’t let others perform too

A progressive employee should ideally be a catalyst for innovation, growth, and healthy relationships. At some point, if they stick on in the company just for financial reasons, it’s the company at loss and even the person for wasting their time in a place they don’t belong.

Take the bold step, identify the people that no longer belong to the vision of the company and let them go. Replacing employees could be an expensive affair but not replacing the bad apples can be more expensive for the growth of the company.

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