Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Sales Leadership Coaching

Sales Leadership Coaching

Effective Performance Appraisals

Effective Performance Appraisals

Creating a Vibrant Workplace

Creating a Vibrant Workplace

Building and Nurturing Business Partnerships

Building and Nurturing Business Partnerships



Executive Recommendation

Getting the relevant Business people at the top is crucial for business success. We do that by our techniques and insights developed over years of experience by our experts.

Succession Recommendation

Helping organisations with the right options internally and externally, we build a pipeline of cross functional leaders looking at the growth opportunities.

Training Need analysis

Understanding the business situations and enabling a Training Road Map for the sales and cross-functional team.

Learning and Development Services for SME

Many Organisations do not have a separate Learning and development function. We act as an outsourced Learning and Development Partner, especially for the Sales teams. We design smart solutions that do not take away too much time of the busy sales professionals.

Talent Pipeline Management across the functions

Adding the right people in right in the right place . Helping organisations assess their existing and future talent requirements based on the business plans and market scenarios.

Assessment Centres

Helping to design Sales performance assessment modules with utmost possible simplicity.

Development Centres

Based on the identified findings and engaging the sales team on relevant learning programmes.

Sales Training effectiveness Audit

Assessment of the effectiveness of the training from business and people centric considerations.

Attrition Alleviation

Identifying the reasons for attrition and enabling sets to lower the same .Sales teams can immensely benefit from healthy retention.

Retention Management

Enabling ways to strengthen retention management practices. Developing Entrepreneurship within the teams

Interview Panels and Sounding Board

Acting as an advisor to enable selection of people.

Managing Cultural Aspects of Transition

Managing emotions and synergies at the times of major cultural shifts and transitions.

Partner assessment

Assessing the existing business partners and channels for their future business readiness.

Aiding Partner Selection Process

Coming out with ways and approaches to attract the right kind of business partners.

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