July 2, 2022

Break fear-based agreements in the workplace

Energy is key to all lifeforms. The energy that drives us, that keeps us alive, and that helps us understand what we want is the energy that determines who we are. 

The energy we operate on makes us or breaks us. If we operate in the energy of guilt, fear or shame, the inward emotions reflect the way we perceive the world and, in turn, also become the world we start to live in. 

Highly successful individuals in different professions and fields achieve their success not by mastering the world around them but by mastering the world within them. This means that they work on their own emotions and the energy packet that they carry. 

Marli Williams once said, ‘Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe!’.  This is not just applicable to people but also to all of life’s experiences. The vibe or energy that you carry is not only what you give out but also what you get back. 

How is this applicable to corporate life?

We often see managers dealing with executives with the element of fear as a means to get things done. When they operate at the wavelength of fear, their executives would also operate at the same level. This denotes that the output they produce can be nothing of a higher remark or quality as it is the product of a lower level of consciousness. 

To add some context to this, David Hawkins talks about The levels of consciousness, where he sheds light on our energy and consciousness. 

This scale of consciousness is quite self-explanatory. When teams and employees feel that they are miserable or that their bosses are demanding or disappointing, this could mean two things:

  1. That’s the view of the employee and the energy they carry 
  2. That’s how their superior treats them as that could be the level of consciousness of the superior 

In both cases, the workplace needs some alteration. 

In the case of the former scenario, the right talent acquisition and expectation setting does the job. Further, healthy retention can keep the company safe 

In the case of the latter, there needs to be the establishment of the right company culture, management techniques and a goal bigger than the company itself. In the case of the latter, there needs to be the establishment of the right company culture, management techniques and a goal bigger than the company itself. 

The solution 

A company needs to make the shift from top-down and establish their sense of purpose and propagate it with their people. This is when the teams can work in joy, love and peace, giving them fulfilment individually and professionally. 

In order to create teams that are full of life and purpose, the agreements need to be filled with peace and love and not fear or guilt. 

The driving factor is not just the means but also the end. The end is the output and the quality of output purely depends on the energy of the carrier and their emotions. 

If you wish to build a workplace full of love and compassion, get in touch with us at http://www.grovaleulers.com

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